How does it work?

Enter Beeline phone number Attach a bank card and enter
the payment amount
Your phone will be recharged

Activate “Autopayment” service and always stay in touch. Communicate with your loved ones without being concerned about your balance. 

Security is guaranteed by the international PCI DSS certificate in the ArCa processing center.

“VEON Armenia” CJSC does not store information and details of your payment card.

The data is encrypted and is transferred directly to "Ameriabank" CJSC through protected channels.

The bank ensures high level of security for our users’ data.

All data is protected via MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa (VbV) technologies.

"Autopayment" service activation is free of charge. No subscription fee or commission is charged.

Service is available for only Beeline prepaid subscribers.

You can easily set up the service:

  • 1. Enter Beeline phone number
  • 2. Attach a bank card
  • 3. Set up payment amount

You can set up the payment amount between 100 and 100 000 AMD. When your balance is less than 50 AMD, the top up of your balance will be done automatically in the amount you have set before. You can change the settings any time you wish in your account on