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100 Mbps



Triple profit

Calls from mobile within Beeline networks of Armenia and Russia

Calls from mobile to other mobile and fix networks 50 min.
Mobile Internet 5 GB
SMS 150
Speed of fixed Internet 50 Mb/sec*
Calls from fixed telephone to the fixed Beeline network 180 min.
Additional SIM cards include
Unlimited calls within the group
100 MB mobile Internet
10 BeeTV channels
Each month

*The maximal Internet speed with telephone line (ADSL) is 10 Mbps.

Main phone number after package consumption
Calls to RA and NKR mobile and fixed networks 15.9 AMD/min.
SMS to RA and NKR mobile networks 15.9 AMD/sms
SMS to international networks 20 AMD/sms
Internet (1 MB) 5 AMD/MB
Additional phone number
Calls to Beeline mobile network 15.9 AMD/min.
Calls to RA and NKR mobile and fixed networks 15.9 AMD/min.
SMS to RA and NKR mobile networks 15.9 AMD/sms
Internet (1 MB) 15.9 AMD/MB
Fixed phone number after package consumption
Calls to RA and NKR fixed networks 5 AMD/min.
Calls to RA and NKR mobile networks 70 AMD/min.
Calls to Russian fixed Beeline network 15 AMD/min.

Mobile services

- **Free minutes to Beeline mobile network of Russia can be used by dialing the number in the following format: *88* 00 (country code) (international telephone number)

- Free services for additional sim cards are provided for 30 days in the 1st of each month.

- In case of main card lock, additional cards’ services are suspended.

- In case of termination of the main card, packages of additional sim cards will be deactivated and will no longer resumed. Nevertheless, the additional sim cards can be used as an ordinary prepaid cards.

Fixed Internet

- Fixed Internet will not be suspended even if no payment has been made. It will continue to operate at 256 Kb/sec., until the package is paid.


- BeeTV mobile application does not consume internet megabytes and is available all over the country.

- Download the BeeTV app from the App Store or Play Market, then you can activate the BeeTV service by dialing * 818 # from your mobile phone or select the «Sign up» button on the login page using the BeeTV app and then click on «Get Password» button. The received login and password are automatically filled in for Android operating systems, in other cases you need to enter the received login and password in the corresponding fields of the BeeTV mobile application.

- To recover your BeeTV service login and password you need to dial * 812 # on your mobile phone or click on «Password Recovery» on the login page via the BeeTV app.

- The BeeTV app is available for all smartphones and tablets running with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.1 operating systems and above. Broadcast is done by «CROSS HI-TECH».

If the internet package has expired

You can turn on:

  • - - Internet Packages: Mini 50 MB, Midi 250 MB, Max 500 MB, Max 1 GB, Maxi 3 GB, Maxi 10 GB, Mega 200 MB, Mega 500 MB.
  • - Mega 200 or Mega 500 services

Important! When «Mega» service is activated, it has a higher priority, i.e. after consuming the free «Mega» internet package and in case of main number free service package availability, 1 MB price is 5 AMD until the service is disconnected. In this case BeeTV app Internet traffic is also charged. The MBs provided by the service will be exhausted in parallel with the MB package included in main number service package. If the remaining balance of activated Internet package is less than 1MB and you simultaneously generate more than one internet session, in this case the remaining balance of the internet package will be used only for the first Internet session, all the other sessions will be charged in accordance with your Tariff Plan conditions.