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100 Mbps

Tariff plan


1300 AMD/month

Calls to Beeline fixed network 500 minutes

Calls to RA and NKR fixed networks

Calls to RA and NKR mobile networks                        

Calls to USA, Canada, Great Britain
100 minutes
Calls to Beeline Russia mobile network* 1 AMD/min

Connect by calling 8001 short number from home phone.

The offer is available for individuals, digital and CDMA stations’ subscribers.

Price plan can also be changed at Beeline offices.

If you are not able to make a call to mobile networks from your fixed phone, you can deactivate outgoing call barring by dialing #33*abcd#, where abcd is the last four digits of your fixed phone number. More

Check the remaining minutes by calling 115 short number from your home phone.

The information will be provided as of previous day 22:00

Outgoing calls

Calls to Beeline fixed network, starting from 501 minute 5 AMD/minute
Calls to RA and NKR fixed networks, starting from 101 minute 5 AMD/minute
Calls to RA and NKR mobile networks, starting from 101 minute 35 AMD/minute
Calls to USA and Canada, starting from 101 minute 13.9 AMD/minute
Calls to Great Britain 89 AMD/minute

One call maximum duration- 2 hours.
In case of changing the tariff plan, the unused minutes will not be compensated.
The service for "International calls" is not valid while calling to numbers with Beeline Russia prefix, who changed their operator with MNP service.
Calls to Russia to mentioned directions, USA, Canada and Great Britain should be made by dialing directly or through *88*00 via Armenian World service.
If you have questions call to 100 free number.