Monthly fee 1000 AMD/month

You can hold a conversation with three persons at the same time.
Three-sided Communication service can be used the same way as local, long-distance and international communication.
Simply dial the first calling number, after communication confirmation shortly press «End» (Flash) button. Then dial the second number, after communication confirmation shortly press «End» button and at the end press the button 3. After the first disconnection the second subscriber hears short frequent signals, and then the 3rd subscriber hears the same.


Monthly fee 1000 AMD/month

Prices are indicated in drams, including VAT.
Service use activation and deactivation is implemented by the Operator on the basis of subscriber application.
To leave an application go to the nearest Beeline office.
Attention: Beeline introduces to subscribers the usage order of digital exchanges’ additional services; nevertheless, it does not guarantee absolutely uninterrupted provision of the above-mentioned additional services. Beeline doesn’t carry any responsibility for the consequences arisen in the result of interruptions of the services.
If you have questions call to 100 free number.