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IP address


Static IP-address

Static IP address is a permanent address on the Internet, which is assigned to your login and remains unchanged every time you log on. 
Static IP address is required to perform certain operations, such as:

• Permanent address allocation to computer which has access to the Internet

• Personal server creation with permanent address

• Forwarding of various information to the allocated static IP address

• Virtual WEB-server organization on home or office computer without domain name use and registration

• Distributed corporate network organization with remote access via Internet

• Remote bank terminal connection to bank processing centre

• Use of specialized programs

• IP-telephone, games and many other things.

Connection 0 AMD

Static IP address service does not require any additional settings.

Service subscription fee is charged every month simultaneously with Hi-Line tariff plan subscription fee.

You can connect/disconnect the service in Beeline Sales and Customer Care Offices, by filling in the application form.