of Hi-Line


Temporary suspension of Hi-Line service

The service allows the subscribers to suspend temporarily Hi-Line Internet service provision at their own convenience. Upon activation of the service «Temporary suspension of Hi-Line service» the Internet access will be fully blocked. You can use the service no often than once in an accounting period by paying the debts, resulting from final settlement at the moment of service activation.

The service is activated in Beeline Sales and Customer Care Office on the basis of a written application.

Activation 0 AMD

• The subscribers, who have non-dissolution obligations can use the service only once during non-dissolution validity period.

• Maximum blocking validity period is 60 days from the moment of activation, upon expiry of 60 days automatic unblocking takes place (upon service activation the subscriber can indicate any blocking validity period up to 60 adays).

• Rental services/ payments by installments for equipment (notebooks, modems), accounts receivable payment by installment, as well as other services connected to Internet (fixed network/mobile network) are not related to Internet service blocking and are fully paid for willful blocking entire period.

• Tariffication type – monthly subscription fee for Hi-Line service, provided during the period of blocking on the subscriber’s initiative (is calculated on a daily basis) amounts to 30% of subscription fee as per the tariff plan.