COMBO 2 with double inclusions

COMBO 2 with double inclusions

Now subscribers of “COMBO 2” have the possibility of doubling the speed of fixed Internet, mobile Internet, and also get 50 minutes for calls to other mobile networks of RA and NKR, paying an additional 500 AMD – i.e. only 6500 AMD/month.

You get:

- Unlimited calls to Beeline Armenia and Russia mobile networks:

- 50 minutes to other mobile networks of Armenia and NKR

- 6 GB of mobile Internet

- Fixed Internet up to 100 Mbit/sec

- 150 SMS

- 20 mobile BeeTV channels.

Upon subscription to “Neo Max” two additional cards are provided, each of which includes:

- Unlimited calls within the group

- 100 MB of mobile Internet

- 10 mobile BeeTV channels

All the inclusions of additional cards you get each month and absolutely free.

The offer is valid until 01.01.2019.

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