Our commitment in action

The CSR policy has a prominent role in "VEON Armenia" performance as one of the largest integrated telecommunication operators in Armenia. All the CSR project of the company are intended to make the life of Armenian society better.

According to VEON’s global policy the CSR projects of  "VEON Armenia" are implemented in two main directions, which are "Make your Mark" and
"Digital Skills and Literacy".

These two directions allowed us to have a long lasting and essential impact on the social development in Armenia. Thus, we were able to provide youth with opportunities and knowledge, as well as inspire them, so they create a better future for themselves. 

Make Your Mark

Due to Make your Mark direction Beeline Armenia implemented a few projects to support local startups and help young entrepreneurs to make and execute business plans:

The Hackathon

The Hackathon on the Big Data was held with Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia. Around 80 participants took part in 24-hour competition to find an interesting solution for Telecom sphere. The aim of this competition was to promote the development of new tech products by providing support to local software entrepreneurs, startups, IT professionals and students through mentoring, networking, business and technological consulting.

Startup Summit

Sevan Startup Summit took place from July 24th to 31st on the Sevan lake shore. In a frame of the event 100 Armenian startup teams participated in several events such as contests and master classes. All the participants had an opportunity to meet different entrepreneurs, specialists and speakers, skillful programmers and investors both from Armenia and abroad.

Startup Incubator

Beeline Startup Incubator was created to support Armenian startups and to assist them in the creation of their further development from idea to successful launch in global market. Thanks to Incubator Armenian startups are going to produce digital products and services, which later can be offered to local and international investors and be implemented on global level.

Digital Skills
and Literacy direction

Digital Skills and Literacy direction includes projects for educating youth of Armenia. Special courses were created for teenagers to give them some digital skills that can be used in their future profession. Other courses were held to teach school children how to use digital technology to start a business or find a job.

New Technologies for the Regional Development
The goal of project conducted with the Child development Foundation and Picsart was to teach teenagers from 14 to 17 years to use gadgets like smartphones and tablets, as well as mobile applications like Picsart. According to this digital literacy project, teenagers from five regions of Armenia gained new knowledge and used it to inform society and the government about problems in their regions and make the difference.

“Safe Internet” Educational Program
"VEON Armenia" implemented a project with World Vision Armenia aimed to provide children a digital literacy. 600 children from different regions engaged in the project acquired basic knowledge about the global web, it's advantages and dangers. Parents and teachers of several schools also took part in the project.

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